New Power Agent for Stratus VOS Systems

We’re pleased to announce the release of the Sightline Power Agent for Stratus VOS Systems, version for OpenVOS 17. This release includes XML improvements for monitoring ftScalable storage arrays, among other updates. The release software is available on our SupportWeb downloads page.
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ITIL and Sightline
Does your company use the ITIL strategy for best practices in IT service management? If so, did you know that by using the Sightline software suite you may already be in compliance? If not, ITIL is the most common set of guidelines for ensuring the health and wealth of your IT environment, and implementing some or all ITIL practices may be beneficial to your company. Click here for a brief description of ITIL and how Sightline fits into it.

Monitoring the SaaS Environment
What do organizations need in order to achieve efficient, worry-free SaaS monitoring? This topic was addressed by Henry Svendblad at in “The future of SaaS: What do we need for SaaS monitoring nirvana?”
How does this relate to Sightline? Sightline helps you be proactive, not reactive. Sightline provides the ability to monitor all of your physical and virtual servers, applications, SANS, and more, throughout your enterprise. Does your organization rely on SaaS? Or are you contemplating moving to SaaS? Contact us for information about how we can help you and your organization.

Tips and Tricks: Configuring Alerts using System Commands
Can you execute a batch run or a system command when a threshold is triggered?
Absolutely! This functionality is available in Sightline — when you configure the alert, simply include the command in the Command text box. Review the article Configuring Alerts Using System Commands for details and examples.

Migrating from Sightline EA/V to EDM
Migrating from Sightline Expert Advisor/Vision (EA/V) to Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) is simple and quick. Sightline EDM can import EA/V host and connection information, and EDM charts can be created by importing environments from EA/V. The EDM connection template feature makes it easy to apply the same retention policies and alert policies across all connections.
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