Sightline Systems, a leading provider of software solutions leveraging AI in data monitoring and analytics, has partnered with Neon Infotech to supply Industry 4.0 solutions to industrial processing and manufacturing organizations in India, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Sightline’s EDM is a unified and easy-to-use industrial and manufacturing data collection & intelligence platform with powerful end-to-end security capabilities. Top manufacturers & industrial companies in more than 15 countries depend on Sightline Systems’ advanced Industry 4.0 software.

According to Brandon Witte, CEO of Sightline Systems, “We are focused on expanding our reach by working with strong regional partners. We are looking forward to working with Neon Infotech and leveraging their deep knowledge of these markets and the technical requirements of the customers.”

Neon Infotech provides multi-disciplinary engineering and technical solutions in areas such as capabilities software integration, instrumentation, and process and electrical engineering.

“We are excited to bring Sightline’s unique technology to our customers,” says Harsh Sethi, CEO of Neon Infotech. “By working together, we will empower companies to fully leverage Big Data to improve their operations.”