Monitoring VMware vCenter with Sightline

Sightline offers in-depth monitoring of your entire virtual environment. We utilize two different strategies to provide you with the best overall view of your virtual environment. First, we look at your vCenter Servers to provides an overview of everything you have in your virtual space. Second, we utilize our Power Agents to provide an in depth view of your mission critical systems and applications. This gives you the ability to set workloads and use Interface Agents to provide low level and process data so you can proactively act to keep these systems and applications performing at the necessary levels.

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Using Views and Sub-views in EDM

EDM provides the ability to create views for displaying lists of objects in the UI. By creating views you can select the columns that will be displayed, and also specify filtering characteristics (conditions) for the items to be displayed or excluded from the display. In EDM 3.3, we’ve reworked the way that views are presented, so that you can create sub-views, to further classify the items that you want to display.


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Sightline for the Entire IT Infrastructure

A common misconception that we often encounter is that we only monitor Operating System performance. You might be surprised to see what we can really show you! Sightline monitors a multitude of data sources; in addition to your operating systems, Sightline covers a very wide variety of applications and SANs. With that in mind, click here for a list of everything that Sightline supports. And remember, here at Sightline we are constantly updating our software and working with our corporate partners to make sure that we can provide everything you want and need. If you have something that you think we should add, please let us know.

Migrating from Sightline EA/V to EDM

Migrating from Sightline Expert Advisor/Vision (EA/V) to Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) is simple and quick. Sightline EDM can import EA/V host and connection information, and EDM charts can be created by importing environments from EA/V. The EDM connection template feature makes it easy to apply the same retention policies and alert policies across all connections.

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