Meet Sightline Assure

As a successful monitoring and analytics solution provider, we’ve had 12 years of success answering the needs of current and future customers. While our EDM product has continuously delivered a high level of performance for IT teams from banks to telecommunications to airlines, it is a powerful enterprise-grade solution that some businesses don’t need yet. Yet, we believe that regardless of size, every business needs an IT monitoring solution that helps keep their systems running.

So we decided to simplify.

Sightline Assure is a new product that utilizes the power of EDM into a simplified, easy-to-read solution for companies that need to look and understand their entire server stack essentials from hardware to operating systems (Windows, Linux and VMware) to virtual machines.

Accuracy was essential. Assure features the same EDM platform technology to deliver high-fidelity of data monitoring to the end user. With 98% of EDM customers choosing to stick with EDM for the past 10 years, its platform as the foundation not only made Assure easier to develop, it allows us to update Assure with better technologies when they become available.

Portability was essential. While EDM’s is web-based, Assure needed to offer an interface that’s not only accessible from a laptop, its information needed to be readable from a smartphone or tablet. We tested Assure from a wide variety of devices and we’re happy to report that Assure is up to the task.

Simplicity was essential. Assure needed to boil down the 700+ metrics it receives into knowledge and notification – it needed to convey immediate context to any user. So Assure features only three easy to understand colors: Grey for good, yellow for warning and red for more immediate concerns. When end users drill deeper into Assure, they gain more knowledge about issues, when they began and how long they’ve lasted. It’s simply enough to learn in just a few minutes, doesn’t need a long-winded manual or long hours of training.

Pricing was essential. With Assure, we wanted to create a solution for any company looking to increase their IT systems’ operational stability so we priced Assure at a level that even a very small company could easily afford.

We’d like to thank the Sightline Assure team for adding expertise to building a solution for an industry that can significantly improve their operations as they upgrade their operations to Industry 4.0.


Meet the Sightline Assure Team

So when will we release Sightline Assure? Today. Take a moment to look at the Assureproduct page to learn more, watch a video that talks about how it works and feel free to reach out to ask about how to purchase Assure for your company.