Cybersecurity Webinar: Vulnerabilities You Never Knew Were There

Part of the Sightline & Unisys Joint Webinar Series
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Think you know all of the areas that make your organization and its employees vulnerable to a cyber attack? Think again…

The Colonial Pipeline May 6 terrifying pipeline ransomware attack is just the latest cyberattack to make the news and to show the growing cyber threat to the manufacturing, industrial & utility sectors. Many organizations think they know exactly where attacks could attempt infiltration. These threats and ongoing recent attacks show clearly, though: there are vulnerabilities that are being overlooked in the IOT cybersecurity world.

Brandon Witte  | President and CEO, Sightline Systems

EG Pearson | Solution Architect, Unisys

Join us for an informative discussion on how the simplest everyday things are putting your organization at a major risk, the things you may not even realize are a vulnerability.

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