Real-Time Predictive Analytics

What is predictive analytics? In short, it’s the secret to predicting the future in real-time. Sightline’s revolutionary software pulls hundreds of different metrics from thousands of inputs and feeds them all into one monitor for easy viewing and predictive modeling. By combining this real-time data with the historical data from your entire operation, you can predict upcoming issues and prevent costly downtime and crashes within your IT infrastructure.

Our proprietary pattern analysis technology, ForSight®, is specifically designed for advanced data aggregation. Whether your company works across multiple facilities or within a single location, Sightline EDM® can help you to predict the future, drive performance, and reduce costs.

By combining our advanced analytics with AI, predictive analytics for business become increasingly more accurate over time as more data becomes available. Discover how Sightline’s predictive analytics software can help you maximize efficiency and lower costs.

Streamline Processes and Maximize Efficiency with Predictive Analytics Software

Sightline EDM® collects real-time data across thousands of inputs within each of your facilities, environments, and production operations and presents it to you on a single dashboard.

Beyond real-time predictive analytics, Sightline integrates your entire ecosystem by swiftly aggregating, displaying, and analyzing time-series data to assist teams in understanding the past, present, and future of production infrastructure. So, you’re getting a holistic view across all of your operations in one location.

Real-Time Predictive Analytics and Historical Data Can Predict & Prevent Poor Harvests

Working Around the Clock

Every second, EDM® is collecting data from sensors, monitors, equipment, labor, servers, apps, and network devices across the various IT and relevant OT such as cooling, lighting or security of your facilities–down to the process or unit level.

Focused Data that Matters

This data is then analyzed to give you accurate real-time predictive analytics on the areas that matter most to your business.

Increase Efficiency and Performance

With Sightline EDM®, your team can improve your operation’s efficiency and performance by preventing future down time.

Be Ready Before an Issue Arises

Empower your team to prepare for and predict upcoming issues related to capacity, resources, maintenance needs, and more.

Predictive Analytics for Business Made Simple.

With advanced data analytics presented in one centralized data intelligence dashboard, you have access to secure real-time monitoring and alerts 24/7.
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