Sightline Solutions for Chemical Companies

According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, chemical manufacturers have seen an alarming drop in the workforce of nearly 30% since 2018. Yet projections indicate that the production growth will remain on the rise in the years to come. In light of these labor shortages, visibility across the plant floor and the ability to make more informed decisions has become more important than ever before to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. That’s why chemical manufacturers are turning to Sightline’s EDM solution to overcome these serious new barriers. With Sightline, manufacturers are able to transform their big data into actionable next steps that provide critical data insights, eliminate waste, and increase outputs faster than ever before without the need for additional labor.

Enterprise Monitoring for Manufacturers

Sightline EDM

Continuously monitor manufacturing performance in real time to proactively predict maintenance issues, prevent unplanned downtime, and rapidly diagnose quality defects.

With Sightline, you CAN!