Sightline Solutions for Automotive Companies

Ever since Henry Ford rolled out the first Model T from his production line in 1908, competition in the automotive manufacturing space has been fierce. As one of America’s most powerful economic engines driving $953 billion into the American economy alone each year, automobile manufacturers are racing to retain their competitive advantage. With Sightline EDM, automotive manufacturers find a robust big data analytics platform that powers massive amounts of machine data from IIoT devices, smart sensors, PLCs, SCADA, and ERP systems in a more efficient way than ever before. Through our holistic approach to data, you, too, can unlock the power of data visualization, subsecond realtime data monitoring, and  proactive system forecasting.

Enterprise Monitoring for Manufacturers

Sightline EDM

Continuously monitor manufacturing performance in real time to proactively predict maintenance issues, prevent unplanned downtime, and rapidly diagnose quality defects.

With Sightline, you CAN!