Industries That Benefit from AI-Powered Data Monitoring
Industries That Benefit from AI-Powered Data Monitoring

In today’s digital-centric world, we have instant access to limitless amounts of information and data. But, as the old adage rings true, too much of a good thing almost always turns bad. While many enterprises have an array of data analytics tools at their disposal, as well as more data than ever before, insights are much more challenging to obtain. While traditional analytics tools once had their day in the sun, their many shortcomings now make them insufficient in the modern office.

AI-powered data monitoring and predictive analytics fill the gap that traditional analytics methods have left. Organizations across all industries can experience tremendous benefits when embracing these technologies. 

But why is AI-powered analytics so important and what sectors need these solutions the most?


Why Is There a Need for AI-Powered Data Monitoring and Analytics Solutions?

Regardless of size or industry, businesses need to efficiently collect and analyze data to glean a better understanding of how their company is performing. In fact, according to Harvard Business School, about 60% of organizations leverage business analytics to improve operational efficiency. The study also found that 57% of companies use business analytics to drive strategy, uncover performance gaps, and spot hidden opportunities.

However, many businesses struggle to extract valuable insights from their data. That’s because data insights can become siloed in spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, dashboards, or completely enshrouded by Python code.

Additionally, traditional analytics tools are often labor-intensive, resulting in high-level data summaries that apply to just a few key metrics. Not surprisingly, almost half of enterprise decision-makers believe that the quality of data-based insights has either plateaued or diminished within the last three years.

These dashboards also typically display historical data rather than real-time information. While helpful for tracking trends over time, historical data doesn’t help organizations make educated decisions at the moment. 

As a result, businesses can waste time, resources, and hard-earned money. Productivity levels can fall through the floor, and the opportunity to mitigate—or even prevent—potential risks down the road will be lost for good. 

To help conquer these challenges, a team of passionate professionals came together to use their collective expertise to create smarter solutions for companies that want to harness the power of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). And thus, Sightline Systems was born.

How Does Sightline Work?

Sightline’s core offering is its AI-powered data analytics software, Sightline EDM. Ready for implementation straight out of the box, Sightline EDM consolidates multiple monitoring tools into one, unified, intuitive dashboard. 

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence, Sightline EDM can accelerate processes that can be bogged down by a human brain. Using autonomous machine learning, the software monitors huge amounts of data metrics in real-time, enabling businesses to develop a clearer understanding of likely future events.

A great example of the benefits predictive analytics and root cause analysis data solutions have can be seen in TOKAI Communication’s latest energy efficiency practices.

TOKAI Communications wanted to evaluate the temperatures in their computing center in order to improve HVAC efficiency. Sightline EDM collected and monitored data from thousands of sensors across TOKAI Communications’ air conditioning outlets—down to the difference an open door to a server room could make. 

Sightline EDM then graphically visualized this data and presented it clearly to the TOKAI team so they could put temperature control measures into place. Thus, this created a 30% electrical power reduction and alleviated hours of manual human troubleshooting. You can read more about how TOKAI utilized Sightline here.

Sightline EDM’s capabilities also include root cause analysis, anomaly detection, planning predictive analytics, and integrated cybersecurity solutions.

What Industries Can Benefit from Sightline EDM?

While a wide array of industries trust Sightline EDM, the software is especially beneficial for the following industries:

Manufacturing and Industrial 

Sightline’s manufacturing analytics software can help companies in the manufacturing industry turbocharge their response times, prevent problems before they even have a chance to occur, and keep their employees safe.

Furthermore, Sightline uses the intelligence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to help industrial companies streamline complicated processes, boost efficiency, and drive revenue.

Sightline’s IIoT platform also boasts capacity planning predictive analytics, helping manufacturing and industrial companies to better understand and meet present and future demands.


Fish farms utilize Sightline EDM’s aquaculture monitoring capabilities to prevent the spread of disease, monitor water quality parameters, prevent escapes, and predict future weather conditions to keep their fish safe. This allows aquaculture businesses to keep fish healthy, promote reproduction, reduce waste, remain compliant with food-safety and environmental regulations, and decrease time to market.

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