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Sightline EDM® for IIoT & Utilities


All Your Industrial and Manufacturing Data Analytics Collection & Intelligence, Unified in One Easy-to-Use Industry 4.0 Platform.

Predictive analytics in manufacturing used to be a complicated process, between endless Excel files and disjointed communication between departments, a lot of information was lost. However, data science has come a long way and now manufacturing operations management has never been easier.

When you make the switch to Sightline EDM, your production and operations management can start saving you time and money immediately.

Manufacturing Data Analysis With Sightline EDM: Core Features For IIoT

Sightline Systems offers a  comprehensive, top-of-the-line, AI-powered data monitoring and analytics solution. Top manufacturers & industrial companies in more than 15 countries depend on Sightline Systems’ advanced Industry 4.0 software.

Live data collection, visualization, monitoring and advanced analytics tools give you live visibility across facilities and production, improving profitability across operations. Start leveraging the most accurate predictive analytics on the market.

Using historical baselines for production and customized alerting algorithms, the system flags potential issues as they happen & helps determine statistical significance, potentially saving production downtime and labor.

With live data from production across different facilities, the context of past performance and issue and drill-down details resolve issues within minutes and decrease time to fix problems in the manufacturing process.

Get detailed manufacturing analytics that can help you plan for the future. Automate the capacity planning process for customized reports and alerts, identify resource bottlenecks, forecast labor or production capacity constraints, and prevent downtime across facilities and systems.

Industry 4.0 & smart factories are facing unprecedented security threats; protect against cyber risks and respond faster to threats using a “zero trust” policy with end point device cloaking, cryptographic zoning, data encryption, and dynamic isolation to secure, detect, and respond in real-time.

Usable, Right Out of the Box

One Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Predictive analytics in manufacturing all in one place. Consolidate multiple monitoring tools into a single pane of glass: a unified, easy-to-use dashboard with drill-down details.

Real-Time OT & IT Intelligence

Visualize and analyze production & operations in minutes, not months, with customizable alerts to any issues or anomalies.

Scalable Usability for All Organizations & Teams

Proven, enterprise grade, scalable software solution compatible with all web browsers & mobile devices with role-based access controls, security, & user views.

Integrate Data Across All Equipment and Systems

Data in minutes, not months, using open, agent, and agentless connectors to gather data from PLCs, CNC machines, process equipment, ERP/MES systems, and other sources of critical data—giving you the most detailed view of your manufacturing data analytics.

Real-Time, 24/7 Data Collection, Visualization & Monitoring.

Predictive Analytics for Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

Industrial & Manufacturing Smart Factory

Sightline EDM Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing


Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Collect & Unify Real-Time Systems Data Within One Dashboard

EDM collates hundreds of metrics across the OT & IT of production facilities from sensors, monitors, equipment, labor, servers, applications, and network devices every second  — down to the process or unit-level.

Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Visualize Performance Across Your Operations & Facilities Worldwide

The system unifies your whole ecosystem, quickly aggregating, visualizing, and analyzing time-series data to help teams understand the past, present and future of production infrastructure and provides a central look across operations within one dashboard.

Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

View Top-Level Data With Availability of Drill-Down Details

Proactively monitor the performance of the entire operations & production ecosystem, collecting real-time data on hundreds of metrics across thousands of inputs, continually monitoring and analyzing the full context of all past data.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection, Automated.

Identify Issues Before They Create Production Interruptions

Sightline EDM Anomaly Detection


Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Establish Historical Baselines & Configure Custom Alerts

Easily establish threshold alerts and leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics to measure and trace historical activity & identify potential data outliers within the context of your custom parameters & alerts.

Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Detect Behavioral Anomalies & Visualize Operations Spikes

The system utilizes early warning detection algorithms to identify potential bottleneck or technical issues before they become production disruptions with a visual “spike finder” to show unexpected data spikes across systems & facilities.

Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Weigh Operations Anomalies & Their Potential Consequences

Examine flagged anomalies, powered by our AI technology, against historical data, across facilities, and within production capacity to weigh severity and cause for concern using statistical confidence levels to evaluate for a potential critical production problem.

Streamlined Root Cause Analysis in Minutes, Not Days.

Resolve Issues Faster & Reduce Downtime

Root Cause Analysis

Sightline EDM Root Cause Analysis


Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Diagnose the Source of a Problem Within Minutes Across Facilities

By automating the root cause analysis process and using our advanced correlation engine, Sightline analyzes events across all facilities, operations, equipment, servers, applications, and databases with an advanced analytics engine to quickly identify root causes, related symptoms, and take corrective action to prevent operational impact.

Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Document & Share Past Solutions' Notes to Reduce Downtime

Take faster corrective action to limit impact and minimize the cost of recurring problems with full documentation of service issues, including research notes & recommended solutions to past triggers or historical performance issues & fixes that can be shared across different teams and facilities without a siloed knowledge base.

Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Intelligently Predict & Prevent Future Production Issues

Past issues and their resolutions are logged within the system, helping it learn & detect similar data trends to predict and alert for operations and performance issues before they happen. In the event of a recurring issue, even in a different facility, EDM provides known fixes to prevent recurring problems from requiring significant time & money to resolve. 

Capacity Planning

Automate Reports, Alerts, and Predictive Production Forecasting.

Capacity Planning for Increased Operations & Labor Efficiency

Sightline EDM Capacity Planning


Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Design & Automate Custom Forecasting Reports & Alerts

Quickly customize and deploy production forecasting reports or alerts that include data on resource metrics from sensors & other systems on labor availability, IT capabilities, equipment capacity, repairs, supplies, logistics, and storage along with capacity threshold limits across systems & facilities, highlighting which components are in danger of bottlenecking operations and the projected out-of-capacity date.

Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Analyze Capacity and Demand Trends to Benchmark Production

By continuously collecting real-time data and visualizing historical trends, EDM™ helps establish a baseline on production & operations across facilities, determine the amount of resources or capacity currently available, and generate resource requirement data for operations infrastructure planning to maintain or expand production levels at all times, and withstand potential spikes in demand, usage, or capacity.

Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Forecast Future System Requirements & Potential Issues

Sightline’s capacity planning reports help industrial, manufacturing, and utility companies accurately predict whether existing operations facilities and resources can satisfy future growth based on past and present resource utilization and predict infrastructure requirements and resource utilization weeks, months, and years in advance to accurately predict across facilities when and where resource capacity will run out.

End-to-End Security with SIAS®

Protect against new cyber risks & respond faster to threats using a “zero trust” policy with end point device cloaking, cryptographic zoning, data encryption, and dynamic isolation to secure IT and OT, detect, and respond to malicious events in real-time.

SIAS Data Security

SIAS Security, Powered by Sightline & Unisys

Security Features, Native to the EDM Ecosystem:

Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Cloaking of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

All data components are encrypted in transport to hide and protect data in transit so that it’s unable to be exploited throughout systems and facilities.

Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Dynamic Isolation of Potential Threats

Potential threats and anomalies are contained through dynamic isolation, making a potential threat unable to spread until it has been fully assessed.

Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Cryptographic Zoning & Data Encryption

Micro-segmentation – also known as secure enclave – protects a network by breaking it into smaller chunks, down to the packet level, creating multiple unique closed user groups.

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