EDM's Two Main Features: ForSight™ & Clairvor™

Meet our forecasting powerhouse, ForSight™, and our root cause analysis correlation engine, Clairvor™


Our Forecasting Powerhouse

Sightline ForSight™ is one of the two main features of Sightline EDM® and delivers advanced forecasting capability. ForSight uses highly advanced statistical data models and leverages machine learning to automatically predict future behavior. Users can build data models that describe relationships in the underlying data and tailor the UI for specific needs, replacing the manual maintenance scheduling process with fully automated process data forecasting to generate a report that highlights predicted anomalies in the systems, giving early warning required to proactively schedule maintenance. ForSight has the capability to easily generate informative charts, visuals, dashboards as well as advanced analysis using the EDM web interface.

Preventative Maintenance

Automated Predictions to Inform Preventative Maintenance

Users can generate automated forecasts of production, process, and performance metrics across multiple assets on a defined schedule as well as problem reports that highlight systems in danger of equipment failure.

Actionable Intelligence

Delivers Real-Time, Actionable Intelligence

ForSight provides projected dates for when systems will run out of capacity. Additionally, through the use of existing connection view technology, users can filter those results to build in-depth drill-down and roll-up views to share with capacity decision-makers including top executives, manufacturing leadership, and budget directors.

Forecasting Reports

Delivers Customized Forecasting Reports

Built to deliver the most insight into a company’s current and future operational performance, ForSight provides an extensive list of out-of-the-box templates. Default reports include historical data, forecast data, and a threshold line that indicates when a specification limit will be reached. Confidence intervals around forecasts can be added to any chart.


Our Root Cause Analysis Engine

Clairvor™ is a component of Sightline EDM® that delivers our capability to provide enterprise-grade root-cause analysis. It automates the investigation of production issues from multiple data sources and integrates all of the necessary information to diagnose issues into one central dashboard.

Save Time

Save Time

What used to take process engineering, continuous improvement, and manufacturing operations teams hours, days, months or years to address, now can be done in a matter of minutes. With just a few clicks, teams can quickly and easily gain the insight they need to identify and fix the problem at its cause, not its effect.

Save Money

Save Money

Clairvor combines the strength of agent and agent-less data collection together to empower users to find root causes faster, more efficiently and at less cost. Clairvor uses a unique combination of correlation, drill-down, and virtualization from multiple sources to perform root-cause analysis so you can reduce expense.

Increase Accuracy

Increase Accuracy

Identifying the right cause within massive and multi-interdependent industrial processes can be a nightmare for engineering and operations teams. Through the power of data and correlation, Clairvor pinpoints problems where they’re happening and through the use of EDM, gives teams the ability to ensure that fixing one problem won’t create another.

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