Faster Reactions, Higher Profits
How Real-Time Analytics Alerts Can Improve Your Harvest.

In the ever-evolving world of aquaculture, fish farmers must recognize the importance of tracking metrics and keeping your fish in optimal conditions for growth. Slow reactions to changes may be the difference between a good harvest and a poor harvest. These changes range from water temperature to dissolved oxygen to nitrates and nitrites. It’s imperative to be able to track and follow these metrics in real-time and keep them in check to ensure your fish grow optimally and maximize profit.

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To illustrate the power of analytics and alerts to ensure optimal conditions for fish growth, let’s look at two fish farmers who had identical years, this year. The difference is their reaction time to two incidents. They both tracked water quality, mortality rates and feeding schedules, but used different methods.

The first fish farmer tracked his water quality metrics the old fashioned way, with paper and pen in a binder. In March, dissolved oxygen in his tank dropped out of the optimal zone. He logged it and didn’t do anything further. The oxygen situation worsened over the next several weeks until he realized that his mortality rate was rising because of the suboptimal dissolved oxygen situation. Three weeks passed before he turned on the aerators which brought the dissolved oxygen back to the optimal range.

This happened again in late July of the same year. This time, the fish farmers remembered to check the logs for dissolved oxygen once they started to see the mortality rate increase. The aerators were turned on within a couple of weeks which was better than what they had done in March but not ideal.

Compare these results with their twin fish farm that used AQUA Sightline. When dissolved oxygen dropped out of optimal range, the fish farmers immediately received an alert and turned on their aerators within a few hours. The result? They were back within optimal range within a couple of days. It happened again in September. And yes, the mortality spike still happened but they were able to make changes quickly and help get it back to its optimal range as quickly as possible. Real time alerts lead to real time action.

At the end of the year, our fish farmer using a binder for record keeping had a 12% higher mortality rate than our farmer using AQUA Sightline. Practically, this means that our AQUA Sightline farmer is bringing more fish to market and making a higher profit margin come harvest time than the binder fish farmer.

As the old adage goes, “time is money” and this could not be truer in today’s aquaculture environment. AQUA Sightline is the optimal solution for fisheries and aquaculture facilities. Key metrics we track include water temperature, dissolved oxygen levels, pH balance, and feed conversion ratios, all of which play a crucial role in ensuring optimal conditions for fish growth. And with alert thresholds across all variety of water quality metrics, you’ll receive an alert to make changes to ensure the success of your harvest should anything fall out of optimal conditions.


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