EDM 4.1 Available on December 5, 2014

Sightline is pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) version 4.1. EDM 4.1 includes exciting new UI updates and automation enhancements designed to help you maintain control of your environment and stay ahead of the forecasting curve.

ForSight Forecasting: Compare forecast against collected data

1208_aSightline ForSight replaces the manual capacity planning process with fully automated forecasts that can be defined in less than a minute. ForSight gives you the early warning required to proactively manage IT resources and saves you time and money by automating the capacity planning process. In EDM 4.1, ForSight includes the ability to compare actual data with its historical forecast.

Hovering over any data point within the forecasted report (dotted line) presents a small window displaying the accuracy (measured in %) of the forecast.



Report themes

Don’t like the default colors for the metrics in your charts and reports? Sightline EDM now supports four themes in addition to the Sightline default: Carbon, Fusion, Ocean and Zune. You can easily change from one theme to the next; simply change the theme in the System Settings area. The new setting will take affect immediately — no need to log out of EDM or restart any services. Try new themes today!

Spanish language support

The EDM user interface now supports Spanish, as well as Japanese and English. Select the display language on the EDM login screen.

More updates in EDM 4.1:

  • The Connections tab and metric selection screens now contain search capability.
  • Select time ranges for utilization reports.
  • Set your own forecast retention policy.
  • Send notification when a Dropped Connection alert is cleared.
  • Postgresql is now supported for the EDM Admin database.
  • AutoDiscover on the Hosts tab now supports VMware.
  • EDM session timeout is now configurable.

Review the release notes for details about these updates and more! The EDM 4.1 software and release notes are available on our SupportWeb downloads page.
Review the release notes

For more information, contact your Sightline representative today!

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