EDM 4.0 Released on September 1, 2014

Sightline is please to announce the release of Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) version 4.0. EDM 4.0 introduces several exciting new features designed to help automate capacity planning, forecasting, and security activities in your IT environment: ForSight for capacity forecasting; capacity reporting; our new Indicator View; and Sightline ACE, functionality designed to defend IT networks from cyber security threats by providing functionality to strengthen the security posture of your environment.

ForSight Forecasting

The scale and complexity of modern IT shops makes performing the forecasting required for IT planning impractical even for highly skilled IT teams. Sightline ForSight transforms the capacity forecasting process from impractical to effortless by replacing the manual capacity planning process with fully automated forecasts that can be defined in less than a minute. ForSight gives you the early warning required to proactively manage IT resources and saves you time and money by automating the capacity planning process.


Utilization Reports

The Utilization Reports feature allows users to view the CPU, disk, network and memory health of all systems that have been discovered across the network. From the initial utilization report, you can view a list of systems based on their utilization status; for example, you can view a list of systems where memory was being over-utilized or CPU is under-utilized. Or, display a chart showing all the details for a specific system.

Indicator View — the Alert Status Page

The Alert Status view allows you to visually represent all defined alerts on the connections tab. When you select Alert Status view, all defined alerts per connection are displayed.

Sightline ACE

Sightline ACE provides functionality to defend IT networks from cyber security threats by providing continuous monitoring sensors, diagnosis, mitigation tools and dashboards to strengthen the security posture of networks. ACE includes Hardware Asset Management (HWAM), Software Asset Management (SWAM), Configuration management (CM) and Vulnerability management (VM) capabilities. By integrating traditional security practices with performance monitoring you can unlock the potential to be aware of all threats known and, most importantly, unknown. Being able to receive data quickly on potential threats from irregular activity throughout your infrastructure adds an extra layer of protection that was previously unavailable.

Sightline ACE is integrated with Clairvor, so you can drill down directly from your Clairvor results to the configuration report for that server, to review the server for policy violations and software changes that might contribute to current performance issues.

Review the release notes

The EDM 4.0 software and release notes are available on our SupportWeb downloads page. For more information, contact your Sightline representative today!

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