Data Center Hosting Company

A major data center hosting company has been a customer of Sightline since 2002, originally monitoring multiple Unisys ClearPath OS2200 mainframes. They migrated their applications to Windows and Linux/UNIX systems and by 2010 were no longer using mainframes any longer, but considered the Sightline software to be essential and continued to use the Sightline software for performance monitoring, detailed performance analysis and capacity planning on the new platforms.
Deployment: Currently the company monitors approximately 15,500 Windows and Linux systems (11,375 Windows and 4125 Linux) using Sightline Power Agents, along with a handful of Solaris and IBM AIX systems. They consider the Sightline Power Agent to be unique in retrieving the volume of data that it does with such a small footprint on the system. They monitor over 100,000 transactions per minute using the Sightline software, and have over 170,000 charts that are updated in real time, representing the resource utilization of these systems.
The hosting provider is currently implementing an enterprise-wide system alerting system based on the data collected by Sightline. In addition, they plan to use the Sightline data for billing/chargeback in the future.