Configuring Clairvor

Clairvor automates the root cause analysis process – the process of analyzing data from multiple sources, including correlation, drill down and visualization. By automating numerous root cause analysis steps, Clairvor’s RCA functionality helps you save time and increase accuracy while identifying potential issues and resolving problems faster. Problem identification and resolution time can be measured in minutes; a significant reduction from the industry standard of hours or, in some cases, days.

The parameters for Clairvor’s correlation can be configured to meet your needs — the correlation results to be presented and the data sources to be included in the second correlation. For example, should event data be included in the correlation? What time range should be considered?
Click here for details about configuring Clairvor.

Configuring Array Alerts in EDM

The ability to set alerts is a powerful feature that allows you to monitor your systems for abnormal events or behavior without actually seeing the event occur.

An alert can be configured for all subscripts of a single metric. This eliminates the need to create an alert for each subscript of the array. For example, a disk array may have several subscripts, and configuring individual alerts would be tedious and time-consuming, as well as error-prone. In addition, subscripts may be different on different systems. Thus, the ability to configure an array alert that can be applied to multiple systems provides many benefits.
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Sightline Power Agents for Linux Systems

We’re pleased to announce the release of new Power Agents for Linux Systems. This release includes updates for all 6.5.x Power Agents for Linux Systems. Installation kits are located on the SupportWeb downloads page.

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