May 3, 2021

Sightline Systems, a leading Industry 4.0 intelligence & IOT cybersecurity company, is excited to announce our expansion of operations into Latin America through the opening of a new office in Santiago, Chile.

Lat Am Expansion

Through this expansion into the Latin American Market, Sightline will bring their flagship solutions, EDM and SIAS, to help power predictive analytics and machine learning insights in the growing South American industrial technology sector.  

Sightline’s EDM is a unified and easy-to-use industrial and manufacturing data collection & intelligence platform with powerful end-to-end security capabilities.  Top manufacturers & industrial companies in more than 15 countries depend on Sightline Systems’ advanced Industry 4.0 software.  SIAS security  intelligence capability protects process cross-facility industrial environments and data against new cyber risks & responds faster to threats using a “zero-trust” policy, end-point device cloaking, cryptographic zoning, data encryption, and dynamic isolation to secure, detect, and respond to malicious events in real-time.  Industrial and manufacturing sites are currently under cyber threats like never before; SIAS™ brings military-grade protection to these critical environments.  “We are very excited to bring our solutions to the Chilean market.  Companies are looking for ways to improve operations and reduce costs and our EDM software can help organizations be more competitive”, says Brandon Witte, CEO Sightline Systems.