Sightline EDM
Monitor. Analyze. Optimize.

shutterstock_92065808Gain the insight you need to optimize IT performance, reduce operational issues and automate capacity planning with Enterprise Data Management (EDM) by Sightline Systems. EDM is specifically designed to provide today's busy business leaders with the real-time data they need to make smarter, more cost effective decisions, and reduce downtime.

EDM provides IT teams with a single, simple yet powerful view into every part of a company's infrastructure from mainframes to the latest in Windows and Linux systems. EDM is scalable to the size of any business, capable of monitoring hundreds to thousands of infrastructure components with more than 7,500 points of collected data. Not only does it allow teams to better manage that infrastructure, it allows them to replace multiple single-system monitoring tools with a single solution than can monitor every component within that infrastructure.


Learn how you can proactively gauge performance and prevent downtime.
  • Proactively monitor systems and infrastructure by scouring thousands of data points to identify issues and help prevent problems before they start
  • Reduce costs by replacing multiple monitoring tools with one single solution and finding ghost servers that can be re-purposed

  • Supervise servers, cloud providers, split infrastructures, applications, databases, .net, web services and messaging
  • Eliminate waste by underscoring trends, data and patterns that are affecting efficiency

  • Find the needle in the haystack by performing root-cause, multi-system analysis

  • Blend performance, measurement and compliance

  • Forecast future behavior easily with web-based Self Service reports and Quick Charts

Power agents collect incredible amounts of data and offer service to more than 50 different technologies and platforms. Three unique plug-ins enhance EDM capabilities: Clairvor, ForSight and ACE. This trio of add-on modules are designed to work together with the power agents to give you maximum control to monitor systems, analyze trends and optimize performance.



Clairvor delivers an enterprise-grade root-cause analysis. It automates the investigation of service issues from multiple data sources and integrates all of the necessary information to diagnose issues into one central dashboard.



ForSight will help your team automate capacity planning by leveraging real-time reports including forecasting of when capacity will be exceeded. No modeling is required.



ACE will help you enforce compliance and security policies. Discover, detect and audit thousands of out-of-the-box security and operational policies or create your own with the policy engine.

  • Cost reduction - Anticipate, delay or avoid capital IT costs in the data center by finding underutilized resourcesEDM Capacity Planning Wheel - Updated - 020316
  • Manage cloud providers - See actual utilization levels and match to invoices
  • Manage risk - Alerting functions allow for early detection of unusual activity
  • Real-time and over-time solution
  • RCA - Reduce internal costs of finding problems in the data center
  • Compliance - Only EDM has ACE built in compliance analysis functionality for audits in regulated industries
  • Platform agnostic - Any server, any time - not just the popular ones
  • F500 input - Benefit from features developed for major clients, now part of our standard solution
  • Efficient - Lower server overhead and utilization


  • Support for AIX, Linux, Solaris, VMWare, Windows, mainframes and more operating systems
  • Fully API enabled
  • Compatible with all modern web browsers
  • Easy-to-use dashboards with drill-down detail
  • Reports automatically sent via email - Choose from standard or custom reports
  • Customize alert thresholds to provide real-time notifications of potential issues via email, snmp trap, command execution, custom alerting, or even play sound statements with expression builder
  • Analyze more than 7,500 data points
  • Role-based secutiry
  • SDK available
  • Applications monitor
  • Multi-vendor hardware support
  • Customize views by user
  • U.S.-based live support