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Big Data Careers Are On the Rise

The big data market is expected to be worth $103 billion by 2027 and is expected to see a 15% increase in big data careers by 2029. Compared to the 4% job growth expected as the national average, this industry-specific growth is astronomical. Sightline is always looking for talented professionals who are either ready to enter the job market or are looking to take the next step in their big data careers. If you have the right skills to take on jobs in big data or a cybersecurity career, have the drive to create lasting change, and are looking for job openings in Fairfax, Va., Sightline could be the perfect fit for you.

What Does a Career at Sightline Entail?

Big data is changing the world for the better. From advancements that address climate change to empowering the developing world, those who choose jobs in big data or a cybersecurity career are taking existing companies and trends to the next level. As we build a strong base of big data careers in Fairfax, Va., Sightline is also reaching across borders to play a role in shaping the future of both large and small companies that are leveraging data to transform industries.

Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

We are Passionate about Helping Our Clients Uncover the Insights Buried in Data.

Sightline EDM is our team’s comprehensive, top-of-the-line, AI-powered data monitoring and analytics solution that streamlines understanding and visualizes critical information trapped in our clients’ data. Using real-time anomaly detection and making root cause analysis faster, Sightline EDM lays the foundation for accurate forecasting with predictive analytics and machine learning.

Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

We Help Transform Industries That are Changing the World.

Sightline EDM is used by top manufacturers, industrial companies, Fortune 500 companies, and aquaculture organizations in more than 15 countries across the globe. The big data careers we support can help drive change, such as working on solutions for aquaculture that can sustainably feed the world by improving yield and maximizing feeding efficiency.

Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

We Focus on Cybersecurity with SIAS.

In a world of increased data collection and transmission, cybersecurity careers have taken on even more importance in helping businesses maintain functionality and keep a competitive edge. SIAS is a partnership between Sightline Systems and Unisys that offers integrated security solutions for Sightline EDM. We use our skills to leverage big data analytics to detect malicious events, automatically lock out malicious users, and alert clients to the issue while our partnership with Unisys handles end-point device cloaking and data encryption while data is in transit.

Preventative Maintenance

We Create Tailored Solutions to Maximize the Benefits of Industry 4.0 and IoT

Whether a client comes prepared with a fully-formed idea of what problems they want big data analytics to solve for them or just have a general sense that there are efficiencies to be gained from harnessing IoT, jobs in big data with Sightline work to solve for those needs. Working one-on-one with clients creates tailored solutions that are specific to the industry and business goals of each client.

Are You a Good Fit for Sightline?

Across all Sightline job openings in Fairfax, Va., we are looking for talented professionals who are passionate about big data or cybersecurity and focus on problem solving. We look for people who are seeking to craft solutions that reach the heart of the issue. View qualifications for each specific positions in their respective job descriptions.

Sightline Job Openings in Fairfax, Va.

Hiring a Regional Sales Manager to work with our Manufacturing Industry Sector sales team. Activities include selling to manufacturers and focusing on solving among others, packaging/downtime issues, root cause analysis, capacity planning challenges. You will focus on positioning and selling Analytics solutions and services as you expand your accounts with critical customers. 

Click here to learn more & apply: Sales Account Manager – United States –

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