IT Capacity Analysis Study Offering Overview

Calculate How Much IT Capacity is Available in the Data Center

It’s not easy in today’s complex IT environment for IT operations teams to know how much capacity is available in the data center. To help prevent service outages, many companies choose to incur unnecessary expenses by over-provisioning their physical, virtual and cloud environments. Sightline’s Capacity Analysis Study provides a clear understanding of your organization’s current IT capacity to identify whether current infrastructure can support existing workloads, withstand sudden demand peaks and scale to support future growth.

Monitor Resource Utilization Metrics Over Time

Sightline’s Capacity Analysis Study uses our Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) software to collect performance metrics across your IT environment, including physical and logical servers, as well as network and storage devices. Sightline personnel continue to monitor these systems throughout the study to ensure performance data is continuously collected and validate the proper capacity metrics are available for final analysis and reporting.

Report Available Capacity Across All Systems

At the conclusion of the study period, Sightline’s IT performance experts analyze the historical performance data collected from your systems and deliver a detailed report which identifies the capacity of each monitored system. The report provides a baseline of existing capacity and a forecast of future resource usage. These insights allow companies to make more informed buying decisions and avoid unnecessary over-provisioning costs.

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    Capacity Planning Study


    • Gain insight into available capacity across your environment

    • Identify which workloads are consuming resources

    • Determine which systems are most active at specific times

    • Consolidate visibility across heterogeneous IT environments

    • Provide insight into future resource requirements


    • Deploy Sightline software to monitor critical server, network & storage devices

    • Collect and store IT performance data and metrics automatically

    • Monitor systems remotely to confirm ongoing data collection

    • Analyze capacity and utilization for CPU, memory, disk & network

    • Deliver final capacity analysis report on all monitored systems