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Sightline EDM®: Capacity Planning Software for Increased Efficiency

What is capacity planning? Capacity planning is an analysis of operational data that allows businesses to forecast resources and ensure that customer needs can be met. Automating your capacity planning can eliminate the expense and tedious, time-intensive manual process that often goes into capacity management.

Sightline EDM® uses machine learning capacity planning to streamline the data collection process and conduct analysis in real-time. Our reports provide critical insights that allow you to understand current capacity, anticipate trends, and allocate your resources appropriately. We understand the importance of capacity planning and we want to help you streamline the process.

Predict Infrastructure Requirements Weeks, Months, Years in Advance

Sightline’s capacity planning software can predict infrastructure requirements and resource utilization across facilities weeks, months, or even years ahead. You’ll know exactly when and where your resource capacity will run out, allowing for more effective resource capacity planning.

Our industry-agnostic software can help your business to accurately forecast future system requirements and potential issues well in advance. You can establish a baseline for operations and production, plan and allocate resources, and automate forecasting all with one easy-to-use tool. With Sightline EDM®, you can maximize your efficiency and lower operations costs while ensuring that you are always able to meet customer demand.

Sightline’s revolutionary software collects metrics from sensors and other systems within your facilities like labor availability, IT capabilities, equipment capacity, repairs, supplies, logistics, and storage as well as capacity threshold limits across systems and facilities. Use this data to quickly customize and automate production forecasting reports or alerts so your teams know what is needed and when.
Sightline EDM® software continuously collects real-time data and visualizes historic trends. Through AI, machine learning, and big data analytics, EDM® gives you the insights you need to maintain or expand production levels at all times, and withstand potential spokes in demand, usage, or capacity.
Improper resource utilization can impact day-to-day operations, lower performance, and deplete budgets. Predictive forecasting with Sightline’s proprietary technology, ForSight®, prevents the high-cost bottlenecks, production halts, and capacity waste that improper or incorrect planning can cause.
The streamlined data collection and real-time analysis provided by Sightline’s advanced analytics software integrates data across all equipment and systems throughout your entire ecosystem. With one easy-to-use dashboard, your teams can view data as it comes in and utilize critical insights to ensure that operations are running smoothly at all times. Eliminating bottlenecking, accurately forecasting capacity, and highlighting potential issues all help to maximize your operational efficiency and lower costs across the board.
Sightline EDM® is an industry-agnostic software solution that uses machine learning, AI, and big data analytics to provide advanced analytics in real-time. Sightline has helped industries ranging from IT to manufacturing to aquaculture.

Ready to Use,
Right Out of the Box

Unified, Centralized Dashboard

Sightline EDM® pulls millions of data points from sensors and systems across facilities and centralizes it in one unified, user-friendly, intuitive dashboard with drill-down details.

OT & IT Intelligence in Real-Time

Minimize downtime with the ability to visualize and analyze data in minutes, not months. Prevent problems from recurring with customizable alerts to notify team members of any issues or anomalies in production or operations as they arise.

Scalable for Organizations & Teams of All Sizes

Proven, enterprise-grade software solution with compatibility across all web browsers and mobile devices, it is easily scalable for teams of all sizes. Role-based access controls, security, and user views make for an easily scalable solution for even larger or growing teams.

Standard Integrations Across Equipment & Systems

It can take months to aggregate data from PLCs, CNC machines, process equipment, ERP/MES systems, and other sources of critical data. With Sightline EDM®, that data is gathered in minutes giving the most detailed view of manufacturing data analytics.

One of the Best Capacity Planning Tools

  • Streamline capacity planning with predictive forecasting
  • Identify data anomalies in real-time
  • Identify root cause in minutes, not days
  • Centralized data intelligence dashboard
  • End-to-end data security across ecosystems
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