Capacity Planning with Sightline EDM

Being able to correctly predict what your infrastructure is going to do in the future can be a truly monumental task. By utilizing the capacity planning functionality within Sightline you can easily create supporting documentation to provide you with the necessary information to accurately determine what your infrastructure should look like in the weeks, months and years to come.

Capacity Reporting Out-of-the-Box

Directly out-of-the-box Sightline provides insight into the four things that matter the most: CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk I/O and network I/O. Without any configuration changes you can quickly show reports of the four areas that management cares about most. And in keeping with the normal functionality of Sightline, we have made everything very configurable and easy to use. You can quickly update existing reports and create new and custom reports to show the utilization of anything within your infrastructure based on any metric we have collected.

As an example, you can show the resource utilization of a particular application just by adding the metrics or workloads to a quick chart to give an in depth look into the impact of the total impact on your environment. Combine multiple items from the same system, or display metrics from multiple systems in the same forecast.

Forecasting with Sightline

In Sightline ForSight you’ll find preconfigured templates that let you visualize the trend of past utilization, and forecast where those system resources are going to be in the future. ForSight can accurately predict where your infrastructure is heading. Using complex algorithms and historical data, ForSight shows you where you’ll be in the future, based on your and present utilization. And you are not limited to our preconfigured reports–you can forecast and trend on any metric collected.

As with Sightline utilization reporting, you can create a report to show the overall reliance on the infrastructure of an application, SAN or any group of things you like. You can schedule reports for your monthly or weekly meetings or create an ad hoc report if you need to show something right now. All of this is easily done; it’s the same as creating any other report with Sightline.

You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. Try Sightline today to see your future with our capacity planning tools.

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