Automated Capacity Planning with Sightline

Information technology executives must analyze current and future capacity of the IT infrastructure on a regular basis to avoid critical failures and to make informed purchasing decisions. You may also need to generate periodic capacity reports to meet compliance goals as required by risk management guidelines such as Basel III and Sarbanes-Oxley.

The complexity of a capacity study makes it an arduous task, requiring a team of analysts with both technical and statistical skills. Preparing a capacity study involves:

  • reviewing current capacity and identifying immediate capacity issues
  • collecting historical data from thousands of servers
  • creating capacity forecasts based on historical data
  • identifying future capacity issues.

Manually prepared capacity studies are expensive, and the process is not easily repeatable. So, how can you achieve your capacity planning objectives while cutting costs and ensuring a consistent, repeatable capacity planning process?

Sightline ForSight automates the capacity planning process, and reduces the number of people that you must dedicate to planning. ForSight immediately transforms your organization’s planning process from no planning or ad hoc planning to a completely automated capacity planning process.

With Sightline ForSight you get:

  • reduced cost of capacity planning and reporting
  • a repeatable and automated capacity planning process
  • early warning of future capacity issues so you can proactively manage risk
  • the ability to make informed IT purchasing decisions.

Read more about Sightline ForSight here. If you would like to schedule a demo or obtain a trial copy, contact us today!

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