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AQUA Sightline

Advanced Aquaculture Data Intelligence

Monitor all your aquaculture data across facilities, maximize yields, and realize the ROI for seafood businesses with cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technology

AQUA Sightline Improves
Overall Aquaculture Operations

Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Reduce Downtime & Prevent Kill-Off

  • Robust alerting of anomalies so action can be taken immediately

  • Advanced correlation features to find the root cause of issues faster

  • Dynamic dashboards to visualize operations across farms & facilities

  • Schedule maintenance before issues arise

Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Improve Fishery Conditions & Quality

  • Data intelligence & analysis to better understand factors contributing to production and quality
  • Realtime monitoring with historical context across multiple facilities
  • Analysis to identify potential changes, increasing yields and overall aquaculture conditions
Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Increase Efficiency & Production

  • Dynamic thresholds and machine learning to identify possible bottlenecks, labor inefficiencies & opportunities for increased production
  • Advanced forecasting & reports, “what-if” conditional forecasting, and historical context
  • Analysis & intelligence of processes and production
Aquaculture Intelligence

Real-Time Aquaculture Analysis : Before Things Go Wrong

We understand that in raising, farming, and processing seafood on an international market, you’re working against the clock: temperature shifts, algae blooms, and spoilage of fresh fish can’t wait for further data analysis.

AQUA Sightline Creates Real-Time Data Insights

In Every Stage of the Aquaculture Lifecycle

Netpens Fishery

Broodstock Hatchery Facilities

Whole-picture visualization of the hatcheries, grow-out systems, feed requirements, and live feedback on water parameters


Ocean-Based Net-Pen Farming

24/7 monitoring & alerting to changes in water O2, temp, salinity, algae blooms, contamination, weather, or escape threats

Fish Production

Fish Processing & Packaging

Visualize the processing & packaging operations across facilities, gain actionable insights, efficiency opportunities & reduce downtime

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Across the Globe, There Are New Compliance Requirements for Ocean-Based Aquaculture

Make sure your business avoids fines or stalled operations in the evolving global governance of the international aquaculture industry, with new mandates requiring:

Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Continuous Online Aquaculture Monitoring of Water Parameters

  • Oxygen Level
  • Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Taken at 5m & 10m water depths
Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Strict Provisions to Prevent Escapes from Fisheries

  • Measurement of water currents, wind, waves
  • Assessment of anchor moorings & netpen security
Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Real-Time Data Reporting to Required Government Agencies

  • Mandated transparency on water parameters & net-pen conditions
  • Water quality reporting in 5-min, max 1-hr intervals

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