Everyone knows how to fill in a spreadsheet whether for collecting water temperatures or recording the amount of feed used each day. Spreadsheets are a standard tool that companies around the world use every day. Unfortunately, spreadsheets are passive and cannot analyze the data they store nor can they update or alert you if there is a growing issue with one of your farms. Not to mention spreadsheets are prone to human error – information can be incorrectly or sporadically entered. In this blog, we’ll quickly compare using spreadsheets to utilizing AQUA Sightline to gather information from and manage your aquaculture operations.




AQUA Sightline

Collecting accurate information

All data is manually collected by users. In many cases, being recorded in a binder by hand and later moved to Excel. Research shows that the probability of a human error with manual data entry is between 18% and 40%.​ This reduces the trust level of the data in the spreadsheet. Source

AQUA Sightline automatically records data correctly and directly from the existing sensors in real-time, 24-7. For data that must be manually entered like feed amounts, our easy to use app allows for direct entry onsite.


Spreadsheets, while offering different levels of functionality, can be very intimidating to most people outside of accounting. Spreadsheets are accessed either on a laptop or computer. In many cases they are printed out and filled out by hand, increasing the likelihood of error.

AQUA Sightline is 100% cloud-based and automatically collects accurate data and fills out forms daily or as needed. AQUA Sightline can easily be accessed either on a cell phone, laptop, tablet, and doesn’t require a permanent internet connection.


While spreadsheets can require a password for access, in most cases passwords are not used. And if the spreadsheet is printed out there are no security options.

AQUA Sightline automatically collects and secures all of your data into the cloud. Everything is encrypted and you can assign permissions to anyone that needs to access it.


Spreadsheets can only store the data that is entered. This requires time-intensive human input to study your data and attempt to spot trends in water quality, inventory management, and more.

AQUA Sightline continuously monitor the health of your farms in real-time and utilizes machine learning to detect anomalies 24/7 and sends out immediate alerts to potentially critical and costly problems, such as drops in the level of dissolved oxygen, temperature fluctuations, algae bloom conditions or escapes from net pens.


With AQUA Sightline you can ensure compliance with international standards and monitor environmental impact: it works with different hardware and software sensors to generate real-time data collection, visualization, and automated creation of real-time data reports on water parameters, evaluation of current environmental conditions, and performance predictions.

Last but not least, you will be able to manage your information: real-time intelligence between facilities, use past data to create historical context, business data, and machine learning to identify possible future obstacles in production, identify inefficiencies or problems hidden, and highlight opportunities to increase performance.