AQUA Sightline was mentioned in a recent Columbian aquaculture magazine article that could be helpful for Colombian fish farmers. These farmers are facing challenges due to an impending El Niño season that is expected to bring drought. The article offers more information about the impact of El Niño and how AQUA Sightline can help.

Tony Vaught

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Colombian fish farmers are on alert because in the midst of the dry season in several regions of the country, the arrival of the El Niño phenomenon is imminent and this will bring enormous challenges due to its possible negative impacts on crops. Some of the consequences of the drought have already begun to be felt in the department of Huila, the most productive region.


  • With Aqua Sightline you can ensure compliance with international standards and monitor environmental impact: it works with different hardware and software sensors to generate real-time data collection, visualization and automated reporting of real-time data on water parameters, assessment of current environmental conditions and performance predictions. 
  • You will also be able to know the customized alerts of possible irregularities for your particular case: it allows 24/7 monitoring and issuance of customized anomaly alerts through automatic learning to identify potentially critical and costly problems, such as dissolved oxygen level drops, temperature fluctuations, algae bloom conditions or net pen leaks. 
  • And last but not least, you can manage your information: real-time, cross-facility intelligence uses past data to create historical context, enterprise data and machine learning to identify potential future production bottlenecks, identify inefficiencies or hidden problems, and highlight opportunities to increase performance. 

AQUA Sightline is a powerful mobile app that operates even without a constant internet connection, is easy to use, and is already available in stores for Android and iOS devices.

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