Advanced data analytics to improve every harvest.

Could you use less feed and achieve the same growth? Would higher dissolved oxygen rates lower mortality? Uncover insights contained in your fish farm data in real time and gain a deeper understanding of every pond and harvest. With Sightline, you can get a whole-picture view of your operations in a single dashboard.

As part of AQUA Sightline, your access to Sightline EDM can help take your efficiency to the next level with root cause analysis, predictive analytics, data management and real-time alerts. Discover the value of live data collection, clear visualizations and real-time monitoring to keep your aquaculture operations nimble and responsive in a quickly-changing global marketplace.

Aquaculture EDM

Tailored to improve profitability, decrease mortality and save you time.

You collect all kinds of data on feed, water quality and growth, but what’s it worth without the tools to understand what it’s telling you? Sightline EDM not only offers advanced data analysis processes, it empowers you to leverage your data for meaningful results. That’s why Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries and 15+ countries rely on Sightline EDM’s core features in their businesses.

Simple Set-Up and Customizable Features

Ready to Use, Right Out of the Box

Start reaping the benefits of your data immediately. Sightline EDM from AQUA Sightline comes ready to implement, but also offers opportunities to customize elements to suit your unique needs.

A Single Dashboard & Optional Drill-Down

Choose how you want to see your data insights. Consolidate data from multiple ponds or farms into a single, uniform, easy-to-use dashboard with the ability to drill down into the details of each harvest, as needed.

Scalable for Teams of all Sizes

Our proven software solution is easily scalable for use with multiple facilities, ponds, IPRS or split pond systems. Implement role-based access controls, security and user views that are accessible via mobile device or desktop.

Pre-Built Integrations Across Systems

Don’t wait months to aggregate data from binders and excel spreadsheets. Using the AQUA Sightline application, data is entered directly into the Sightline EDM system via mobile application or through our real-time sensors.

Improve Efficiency and Increase ROI

Sightline EDM produces results you didn’t know your aquaculture facilities were capable of with:

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Centralized data intelligence dashboard
  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring and alerts
  • Predictive forecasting
  • Data security
SIAS Data Security

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