Automated Anomaly Detection in Real-Time

Anomaly detection means you know when something major changes in your facility that could effect your harvest. Using anomaly detection, AI, and big data analytics, AQUA Sightline makes it possible to identify anomalies in data or potential data outliers in large data sets that would be much harder to detect by an employee alone.

By establishing and using historical baseline data across facilities and combining it with data collected in real-time, your company can identify issues before they cost you money. Sightline EDM® automates anomaly-based monitoring, ensuring more successful harvests time and time again.

Machine Learning Anomaly Detection Prevents Potential Issues As They Occur 

Collect real-time data on dissolved oxygen, temperature and other water quality metrics throughout your ecosystems with Sightline EDM®. We identify the ideal evaluation metrics for anomaly detection while establishing a historical baseline, allowing you to identify outliers that would otherwise be difficult to find.

We don’t just make it easier to detect anomalies, we make it easier to track the data. Sightline EDM® simplifies anomaly detection by providing a top down view of your data in one central dashboard whether you work in one facility or several locations.

Configurable Off-the-Shelf Analytics Solution

Unified Dashboard with Optional Drill-Down

Choose how you want to see your data insights. Consolidate data from multiple ponds or farms into a single, uniform, easy-to-use dashboard with the ability to drill down into the details of each harvest, as needed.

Usable, Right Out of the Box

Start reaping the benefits of your data immediately. Sightline EDM from AQUA Sightline comes ready to implement, but also offers opportunities to customize elements to suit your unique needs.

Scalable Usability for Teams of All Sizes

Our proven software solution is easily scalable for use with multiple facilities, ponds, IPRS or split pond systems. Implement role-based access controls, security and user views that are accessible via mobile device or desktop.

Standard Integrations Across Systems

Don’t wait months to aggregate data from binders and excel spreadsheets. Using the AQUA Sightline application, data is entered directly into the Sightline EDM system via mobile application or through our real-time sensors.

Stop Potential High-Cost Harvest Losses with Anomaly Detection

AQUA Sightline identifies anomalies in real-time that a human user alone could take days to notice. With custom alerts, your teams can quickly mitigate problems as they arise. You can improve your operational efficiency and lower overall costs with:

  • Advanced data analytics, anomaly detection, and root cause analysis
  • Holistic view of information with data intelligence dashboard
  • Real-time data collection and custom alerts
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