Capturing Water Quality Data with AI

White Paper: AI in Aquaculture: Capturing Water Quality Information to Meet Regulations

Maintaining good water quality throughout the fish farm is vital for optimal fish health and reproduction rates. Poor water quality can lead to the spread of disease, smaller seafood size, as well as higher fish mortality rates.

Manual processes slow down aquaculture farms’ production rates. In an industry where demand is already so high and more than three billion people rely on seafood as a main source of protein, fish farmers can’t afford the missing return on investment caused by limited data analytics use.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence in aquaculture can make the process of capturing water quality information easier, allowing farms to gain real-time insights on their fish stock.

In this white paper, Sightline Systems will share:

  • Surprising factors that can compromise your fish farm’s water quality
  • How artificial intelligence can support water quality measurement information for more efficient quality control processes and maximized fish health
  • The benefits of using Sightline Systems to monitor and maintain water quality

Download the white paper now to discover how you can use AI to improve your water quality collection processes for better business outcomes and how Sightline Systems is automating aquaculture.

Capturing Water Quality Data with AI

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