Introducing the Release of Sightline EDM™ 5.16

Whole-Picture Data Insights, Customized Reports & Dashboards, Built For YOUR Unique Business.


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April 15, 2021

With the release of EDM™ 5.16, Sightline continues to evolve our innovative software for our users, empowering users to quickly combine business data with process data for insights like never before.

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What if you could not only view cross-facility data with relative time filters, but also instantly gain real-time visibility into process and production data broken out by batch, by machine, or by time series?

EDM™ 5.16 makes that not only possible, but simple.

Sightline Systems’ top-of-the-line, AI-powered, real-time data collection, visualization, historical correlation, and advanced analytics solution just got a whole lot more powerful. With the groundbreaking release of 5.16, Sightline EDM™ now gives customers the powerful ability to combine their business data and infrastructure with the IT & OT data visualization, analytics, and reporting that makes understanding processes and opportunities for efficiency gains easier, faster, and more insightful than ever before.

By introducing “context data” parameters within reports & dashboards specific to your process, such as individual machines, personnel units, batches, or any other grouping within your business, Sightline instantly builds intelligence and insights uniquely tailored to the critical information YOU need. Cross-facility visualization & analytics become even more powerful when business data and production process data can be streamlined within one central pane-of-glass.

The addition of relative time charting capabilities within EDM™ 5.16 along with additional functions such as group-by, min, max, average, and sums within custom parameters creates a reporting experience and ability to interact with millions of points of data unlike any other. Businesses with EDM who would have required a dedicated data science team to interact with data and analytics are able to glean deep and meaningful insights with real business impact. EDM™ is a data scientist, out-of-the-box, right at your fingertips.

EDM™ Capabilities:

Whole-Picture Data Visualization & Analytics

Live data collection, visualization, monitoring and advanced analytics tools that give you live visibility to streamline operations and improve profitability across your systems.

Correlation & Root Cause Analysis

With live data across the ecosystem, the context of past performance & issues, and drill-down details, our advanced correlation engine resolves issues within minutes –decreasing response time.

Advanced Anomaly Detection & Advanced Historian Intelligence

Establishing and using historical baseline data across ecosystems, configure and build customized alerting algorithms to identify potential issues & their statistical significance as they occur.

Production Capacity Forecasting & Preventative Maintenance

Use automated reporting, alerting, and forecasting to identify process anomalies, predict future maintenance requirements, and prevent equipment failure across the facility.

Data Intelligence Working Hand-In-Hand With Advanced Cybersecurity

Potential threats and anomalies are intelligently detected using real-time and historical data and contained through dynamic isolation, making a potential threat unable to spread until it has been fully assessed.