Introducing the Release of Sightline EDM™ 5.16

More Powerful Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization, and Root Cause Analysis


April 15, 2021

With the release of EDM™ 5.16, Sightline continues to evolve our innovative software for our users, empowering users to quickly combine business data with process data for insights like never before.

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Your business never stops evolving and neither does Sightline’s commitment to empower you with insights gleaned from big data analytics.

With the groundbreaking release of EDM 5.16, Sightline Systems’ top-of-the-line, AI-powered, real-time data collection, visualization, historical correlation, and advanced analytics solution—the insight from your data just got a whole lot more powerful. You can now access better root cause analysis for rapid identification of where an issue originated, stronger predictive analytics for improved forecasting, and clearer data visualization so you can quickly see patterns and understand the meaning behind your data.

A Whole-Picture Snapshot of Data from Across Your Business

Sightline EDM 5.16 allows you to combine your business data with your IT and OT data for better data visualization, analytics, and reporting. View cross-facility data with relative time filters and instantly gain real-time visibility into process and production data conveniently broken out into customized groups, such as batches or data from a single machine. The update allows you to combine relative time charting capabilities within EDM™ 5.16 along with additional functions including the ability to group key data and enjoy minimum, maximum, average, and sum capabilities. In other words, now you can add a layer of your business data—labor groups, productivity metrics, financial information, and more—on top of your IT and OT data. The result is a reporting experience with data visualization that is truly customized to you. In addition, it puts the ability to interact with millions of points of data into your hands. Want to dig deeper into the data behind root cause analysis information? Even businesses who would have required a dedicated data science team to interpret their data can now glean deep and meaningful insights with real business impact at a glance. 


Along with its new feature, Sightline EDM will continue to offer all of the other same big data analysis tools that are helping companies in IT, manufacturing and aquaculture harness their data to gain efficiencies, reduce downtime, identify root causes of issues, and forecast into the future.   

Whole-Picture Data Visualization & Analytics

Sightline EDM collects live data from all of your sources and puts advanced data analytics tools to work, digging beneath the surface and uncovering insights and intelligence tailored to you. Set up monitoring to get alerts when key metrics hit predetermined points and data visualization pulls it all together in a dashboard customized to each individual user, so you have access to scannable data that is directly relevant to your job function or business goals. This easy-to-digest live visibility into your data will help streamline operations and improve profitability across your systems.  

Advanced Anomaly Detection & Advanced Historian Intelligence

Sightline EDM uses historical data in combination with real-time data across all ecosystems to develop anomaly detection algorithms that can be customized into alerts on metrics that you need. Not all anomalies are bad—they can be anything from a technical glitch, to an inefficiency, to a serious cyber threat—and Sightline EDM takes that into account, looking into potential issues it could signal, evaluating each anomaly’s statistical significance, and conducting root cause analysis, if needed.


Whether your job is in manufacturing, IT, or aquaculture, chances are, things are happening when you’re away from your desk or outside of normal work hours. Sightline EDM’s anomaly detection tool gives you peace of mind by sending you alerts when there is an outlier in your data. No matter where you are or what time of day, you will find out in real-time when salinity levels in your netpen are reaching unacceptable levels, when your factory is not hitting its metrics for the day, or when a key piece of IT equipment is down.    

Correlation & Root Cause Analysis

Alerts are valuable, but what happens if your targets are off in a specific area and you just can’t seem to discover why? In many cases, the amount of data that went into each anomaly alert is millions of points—making manual root cause analysis a challenging, time-consuming task. Sightline EDM’s advanced correlation engine can reduce an hours- or days-long process to just minutes, conducting root cause analysis into anomalies efficiently so you can work on correcting the problem instead of identifying it. With the addition of context data overlays in EDM 5.16, root cause analysis data visualization is even clearer, allowing you to see business metrics and your IT and OT data together.

Production Capacity Forecasting & Preventative Maintenance

Sightline EDM uses predictive analytics and machine learning in capacity forecasting. The system unifies your whole ecosystem, quickly aggregating, visualizing, and analyzing time-series data to help teams understand the past, present, and future of production infrastructure and providing a central look across operations within one dashboard. Sightline EDM collates hundreds of metrics across the OT and IT of production facilities from sensors, monitors, equipment, labor, servers, applications, and network devices every second—all the way down to the process or unit-level. Using historical data in addition to this real-time data, predictive analytics tools can reliably predict future outputs based on variable conditions. As you acquire more data, Sightline EDM uses it to continuously refine its forecasts to provide increasingly detailed and accurate process anomaly detection, future maintenance predictions, and equipment failure prevention across the facility.

Data Intelligence Working Hand-in-Hand with Advanced Cybersecurity

SIAS is Sightline EDM’s fully-integrated cybersecurity solution. Using anomaly detection, it flags potential threats using real-time and historical data, then contains any threats using dynamic isolation, effectively preventing a potential threat from spreading until it has been fully assessed. Sightline aslo partners with Unisys, so SIAS includes end-point cloaking and data encryption, creating a secure environment for your sensitive information.       

Sightline EDM simplifies your big data analytics and with EDM™ 5.16, you can now enjoy your own personal data scientist right out of the box, putting key insights at your fingertips. 

Book a conversation with a Sightline EDM expert today to learn more about how the new and more powerful EDM 5.16 can work for your business.