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Technology Use Case: Aquaculture Monitoring & Intelligence

Monitor all your data across facilities, maximize yields, and realize the ROI for seafood businesses with cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technology.

EDM's Two Main Features: ForSight & Clairvor

Meet our forecasting powerhouse, ForSight, and our root cause analysis correlation engine, Clairvor

Sightline Cyberattack Watch: Colonial Pipeline Profile & Analysis

Sightline has released an in-depth analysis on the Colonial Pipeline attack, the growing threat to the energy & utilities sector, and how organizations can best protect themselves.

Cybersecurity Webinar: Security Vulnerabilities You Never Knew Were There

Part of the Sightline & Unisys Joint Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Sightline Expands Operations into LatAm

Sightline is expanding our Industry 4.0 operations to help power predictive analytics and machine learning insights within the growing South American industrial technology sector.

Meet EDM 5.16

Sightline continues to evolve our innovative software to quickly combine unique business data with process data for insights like never before!

Visualize. Predict. React. Optimize.

Sightline EDM® is so much more than just a customized monitoring & analytics solution, allowing you to harness the power of AI to visualize millions of data points across systems, optimize performance, analyze root causes of issues, increase efficiency, predict future operations or downtime, and alert you to any anomalies, including potential security threats.


Sightline EDM

Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Our proprietary technology, ForSight® forecasting and Clairvor® corelation, uses the latest machine learning algorithms to help you optimize operations, see potential bottlenecks before they occur, limit costly downtime, and find the precise origin of any issues as they occur.

AI-Powered Analytics & Monitoring Alerts

Much deeper than other monitoring & analytics solutions, we work with you to build dashboards, reports, and alerting protocols that allow you to drill down into different sources, instantly detect, and alert you to any anomalies including security threats.

Real-Time Data Collection & Processing Power

As a single source of data truth with the power to integrate with any system, Sightline EDM collects millions of live data points across your information and operational systems architectures to create a single, unified view across all your facilities and production operations.

Smart Data Intelligence, Smarter ROI

Your Data Scientist in a Box…Or Cloud.

Forget hiring a data scientist (or a team of data scientists) to pore over all your systems data across networks and facilities in order to gain insight into performance, bottlenecks, potential issues, or areas for future optimization. Sightline EDM offers a machine-learning-powered, unified, easy-to-use interface that combines all of your systems data needs: collecting millions of live data points across systems & facilities, visualizing performance information, monitoring for anomaly detection, analyzing root causes of events, identifying potential future issues or opportunities for optimization, and 24/7 alerting for your peace of mind. Sightline SIAS® combines the power of Sightline EDM® data intelligence working directly with the best-in-class cybersecurity defensive systems in partnership with Unisys.

Why Do We Have a 98% Renewal Rate? ROI.

Our clients have given us an A-grade on our performance and services: across the board, year after year. Companies come to us when they want to be more efficient, when they want to make smarter, more data-driven decisions, when they want to maximize business operations expenses, and when they want to ensure security of their data across facilities. These testimonials show how our customers have been able to show real results using the power of Sightline.

“Sightline was able to identify an issue with our painting production line and a reason for higher blemishes on a certain day. Identification of this simple issue has saved our company more than $2 million per year so far.”

– Automobile Manufacturer

“Within hours, we were able to view simultaneous performance data from our servers, applications and networks. We immediately started drilling down into the data, and quickly resolved a problem that had concerned us for weeks.”

– IT Systems Director 

“Failure of software or servers is unacceptable in chemical manufacturing…Sightline’s comprehensive monitoring solution so easy to use; we’re able to proactively address both hardware and software failures before they ever become a problem.”

– Chemical Manufacturer

Data Intelligence With Sightline EDM

We Predict the Future, Intelligently.

Sightline EDM is a powerful systems monitoring and performance analytics solution that provides real-time visibility across today’s modern cloud, virtual, and hybrid environments. Sightline leverages big data visualization, predictive analytics, and machine learning to deliver root cause analysis, real-time anomaly detection, automated forecasting, and capacity planning to help organizations identify infrastructure problems.

Capacity Planning

Root Cause Analysis

Anomaly Detection

Predictive Analytics

Can Your Company Afford a Cyberattack?

The average cost of a data breach is $4 million.

The average time to identify a breach is 7 months.

Source: Deloitte

The SIAS® Cybersecurity Solution

Better, Faster, Stronger, Safer.

Data intelligence powers cybersecurity with SIAS a solution secured by Unisys and powered by Sightline. Through our 20-Year partnership with Unisys, we’ve built a platform that combines best-in-class data intelligence with top-of-the-line cybersecurity protection. The result? The same data that helps you optimize your systems and predict performance can also detect anomalies, alert you on issues, and protect your business–in real time.

Cloaking of All Sensitive Data & Endpoints

By masking all potentially exploitable data, destinations, and identities of users, cloaking allows all systems to communicate in a way that is shielded from malicious threats, outside or inside the organization.

Dynamic Isolation & Alerting of Potential Threats

When Sightline’s data intelligence and Unisys’ instant dynamic threat isolation come together, monitoring allows 24/7 potential threat detection across all networks, systems, and facilities.

Cryptographic Zoning & End-to-End Encryption

Micro-segmentation – also known as secure enclave – protects a network by breaking it into smaller chunks, down to the packet level, creating multiple unique closed user groups.

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